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Love In the Name of Christ of Bedford County

80 State St.

Everett, PA 15537

(814) 652-0025

A Progress Report on the “Sure House” for Transitional Living ~ September, 2014

Dennis Dibert (Project Manager)

It will be three years this November since this house on Lower Snake Spring Rd. was purchased and the project started, but it is finally nearing completion. Much has been accomplished, but many needs/ work projects still remain to make it available for the first residents in need of a safe place to live, and transition to a better life. Pastors and church representatives: please share this information with your churches, and encourage prayer, support and volunteer groups to help!

Outside work – Concrete for a pad for the AC, steps to a new basement egress window, and steps from the parking area up to the front sidewalk were donated by NES&LCO, and poured.

* Needs: a bit of seeding by the steps, landscaping along the road to plan for water drainage, get rid of a high hornet’s nest!

* Needs: finish entry way into the basement area.

Lower entry level – work is gearing up to make this area livable; a new entry door was installed. A 12’x14’ bedroom area, for “emergency situations” was framed out and wired—much work needed here. Also will be work on an open common area, to create a room with couches for fellowship, mentor visiting, or small groups, and an entertainment center for DVD/TV (no TV service). * Needs: staple insulation to ceiling, finish masonry block walls (rub down, add block filler, paint). The west side of this basement area will remain open for large group meetings or meals. *Needs: someone with carpentry skills to expand two pedestal tables from 6 ½ feet to 14 feet by adding a wide table leaf for the gliders.

Kitchen: Workers are installing drywall on the north wall. When finished, the present sink and long counter/cupboard will be put back in place, finish plumbing, and making it functional.

Laundry room (for third floor residents): The drainage area has been reconfigured to prevent flood waters from the nearby stream from backing up the drain. A jackhammer was used to cut out the concrete floor to lay pipes underground. A new sump pump with check valve will drain out any possible water coming in. Complete insulation on one wall was added as a water barrier. A counter will be added for folding clothes and storage of laundry items.

Full bathroom for lower level - *Needs: Framing for wall, finishing of bathroom. A vanity was donated, waiting to be installed!

There is room in this area for a refrigerator/freezer for storage of any donated food items to help residents with grocery needs. A large freezer was donated; *Needs $500 for a new compressor!

Outside, patio area under deck – The concrete floor is finished, a drain will take any incoming water to the sump pump in the laundry area. *Needs: Volunteer to take over general outside work—lawn mowing, weed eating, cleanup, keeping the area along the stream a beautiful place! Planting of flowers would add the final touch!

Main level – This living space for residents (a large kitchen/dining area, living room, two bedrooms, laundry area, full bathroom and half bath) is completed except for many small finishing jobs. *Needs: full cleanup (vacuuming, dusting and mopping) from the basement construction work; repair a small section of damaged dry wall (sand, prime and paint), add a fan vent cover, paint steel firedoor, seal floor tile grout after it is cleaned, caulk around baseboards, finish trim to outer door by stairway, paint the kitchen door trim, finish trim to outer door by stairs to the upper level.

Upper level – Work is progressing to make this ready for residents, with new carpet, walls painted, new windows, kitchen taking shape, but many small finish-up still items to be done.

*Needs: Install handrails to two stairways, sand dry wall.

Bedroom- The installation of AC/Heat Pump for main and upper levels is nearly completed.

*Needs: three doors stained, add trim, build a shelf for the closet.

Full Bath – Finished and useable; *Needs: medicine cabinet and light fixture; door trim

Hallway - *Needs: carpenter to build an in-space bookshelf, add cover for vent/heat controls.

Kitchen – An apartment-sized stove with oven was installed, wiring being finished.

*Needs: three attic (storage space) doors refinished and painted; closet door stained.

*Needs: Finish baseboard around carpet.

Small bedroom – Finished except for staining one door and adding another.

*Needs: A metal grate or grill over a low window to make it child-proof; an AC duct cover.

The whole house has been made more energy-efficient, at added cost, but it will help to keep overhead costs down in the long run.

This list of work yet to be done may sound overwhelming, but slowly and steadily, with a small group of volunteer workers each Thursday, the house has been transformed and nearly ready to transform lives! Please keep the Sure House and the Transitional Housing Program through Love, INC. in your prayers as a part of a greater need to assist persons who may have lost hope or sight of a Higher Power in their lives. “With God, all things are possible!”

Contact Dennis Dibert at 977- 4523 to line up work dates, or see how your congregation can assist.